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– noun 1. device for making photographs

in camera
– idiom 1. privately

off camera
– idiom 1. out of the range of a television or motion-picture camera

on camera
– idiom 1. being filmed or televised by a live camera

1700–10; < L camera vaulted room, vault < Gk kamára vault; see chamber

Source: Unabridged
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011.

I’d really like to see a virtual reality ride that’s not so typically disappointing.

But who wants to enter that rat-race? There’s no such thing as meeting the hype in the amusement industry. No one makes attractions that are better than they look from the outside. The best anyone seems to be able to do is make you forget what they sold you on the outside while you’re experiencing what you actually bought.

Maybe we need to make something that’s completely different inside than it ought to be? Or that’s better on the inside because it’s not very appealing on the outside. What would that look like?

What Coney Island needs is a giant camera. And I mean that in the sense of a vaulted room. I wish we had a dark ride that felt like a cathedral. Or a grotto. A throw back to another time maybe.

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