A trip inside the mind of an artist.



At the same time that I’m still trying to explore this idea of palimpsests, I’ve been working on a new series of paintings.  The idea came to me as I was driving back from a visit to Sigrid Sarda’s studio in New Palz.  Sigrid is so interesting and her studio is such a mindfuck that I thought, “I really want to write a review of this studio visit.”  Like an art critical essay.  Like a meditation on my brief time inside Sigrid’s head.  But I’m not really all that excited by adding to the world of art reviews I have to say.  And I’m really focused on making art right now.  So it seemed like the right thing to do to combine these things into one endeavor.

So a new series was born!  And the first painting in that series is happily sitting in a gallery in Jersey City waiting for people to look at it.  I’m very pleased about that turn of events I have to say.

I’ll get some photos of this series up as soon as I can.

So go see the show.  It’s at Curious Matter, it’s called “Dangerous Toys”, and it runs until November 11.


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