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In the middle of working on the Morbid Anatomy Museum, which has begun to occupy a seriously overwhelming amount of my time, I’m also making new work in the studio and finding time to work on interesting projects with amazingly talented artists like Nicole Antebi and Alex Branch.

On that last front, next weekend is the final act of Alex’s darling project, the Winter Shack. Nicole, Ben Miller, and I have worked out a fun, low-tech way to convert the shack into a giant Magic Lantern, and will be performing a moving panorama within it for one night only.

The shack has proven to be a great place for innovation and play, and I suspect this event will be more of the same.



Arabian Sea, 2013

 Here’s one of the new drawings I’ve been working on.  These are maps of the coastline of the Arabian Sea and the experiences on either side of that line.



Sulphur Island, 1779. James Cook.

And, just for kicks, a wonderful map and elevation of Sulphur Island (Iwo Jima) from 1779. (Warning, this is a big file.)