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While I can’t say I’m completely awed by the way the Brooklyn Museum set up this two-day open studio walk, I can say that it’s been fun so far.  Surprisingly enough, there has been a steady stream of new faces and ideas coming through my studio since 11 this morning.  I’m very pleased with the way people are responding to certain aspects of my work – notable the transparency, the complexity, and the use of text.

So yes, I’m pleasantly surprised by the whole thing and looking forward to more of it tomorrow.


After having completed the Cosmorama of the Great Dreamland Fire last summer and lived with it for a year, I finally put some of my thoughts about what it means, where it came from, and how closely associated it is with my Dad into a 10-page, hand-bound book.  It’s for sale in Coney Island.


The book was one of the really enjoyable parts of this project and I think it should be something I do for every installation piece I make.


On occasion, there are reasons to update visitors about things that are taking place in my artistic life.  These could be thoughts, events, breakthroughs, or discoveries.

Look here for news and updates.


Did some sketching and drawing in Turkey.




Byzantine painting is amazing.